Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Do you have a leak?
Are you looking to reduce your chances of having one?

Our Roof Repair & Maintenance Division was created specifically to address the needs of businesses and homeowners for fast, professional roof repair services and to reduce the occurrence of leaks and the damage water can cause.

Very few roofing contractors offer a dedicated division with the sole purpose of repairing and maintaining roofs. Because our Roof Repair & Maintenance Division is specialized, you can be assured of quality, detailed workmanship in accurately surveying and addressing your immediate needs as well as determining what should be done so you can experience the maximum life expectancy of your roof.

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Roof Repairs

We guarantee quick response and expert attention. When you contact us about a leak in your home or business, we’re not reluctantly dragging roofers away from another project—our repairmen are ready to come to your location to survey the damage and make immediate repairs. Next business day service is available.

Most leaks are caused by flaws in workmanship near areas of penetration and flashing. Smaller leaks may only require patching, larger leaks may require more extensive repair work. Our expert team can provide you with a full report of what needs to done so you can make an educated decision on materials and costs.

Is you’re roof still under warranty? We’re fully licensed and approved by all major manufacturers to perform warranty repairs.

Roof Services goal is to assess the damage and make repairs as fast as possible with as minimal disruption to your life, employees or occupants.

We repair all types of roofs:

• Flat Roofs

o Hot Asphalt
o EPDM (Rubber)
o PVC Roof Systems
o Modified Systems
o Roof Drainage


• Pitched Roofs

o Metal
o Slate & Tile
o Asphalt
o Gutters & Leaders
o Cedar Roofing

Roof Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance will extend the life of your existing roof and reduce the cost to install your next one. We can devise a maintenance program that fits your building’s needs and your budget. Most roofing material manufacturers warranties require periodic inspections.

Inspection Schedules?

Commercial Buildings should be inspected and maintained on a semi-annual basis. A semi-annual visit for commercial buildings includes a full inspection and routine maintenance performance.

What are the benefits of a regular maintenance program?

• Prevent cancellation of manufacturer’s warranty
• Ensure that tenant alterations don’t void your manufacturer’s warranty
• Maximize your roof’s life
• Reduce replacement costs by extending your roof’s life and stopping leaks from causing damage to the underlying materials
• Extended Warranties may be available

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